Startups Business Planning

Startups / Equity CrowdFunding Business Planning

Preparing a reliable and detailed business plan is the very first step of any successful project. You contributors will be very interested in reviewing every detail of your project but also to judge your ability to make accurate forecasts.

A business plan is important for both initiators and contributors:

◙ essential for any initiator in order to be able to evaluate the results of his project

◙ required by contributors in order to make final decisions (equity crowdfunding)


Business Planning Key Issues

These are some key issues towards a successful business plan:

(1) Project’s Identity / the Management Factor

The quality and the experience of the management is the number one issue in every investment project. Usually startups include a team of initiators who act altogether as decision makers. It is very important that the core team behind a startup project is well presented. This management presentation is usually found at the first chapter of any business plan.

(2) Framework Analysis / the Industry Factor

A reliable business plan must contain detailed information regarding the present and the future conditions of the involved business sector. Information such is the level of current competition, the growth opportunities and the forecasted demand are essential.

(3) Forecasting / the Economic Factor

Forecasting the economic results of your project with reliability and clarity is certainly a very crucial issue for your future contributors. The necessary forecast include the following information:

◙ Exact amount of Investment Needed

◙ Annual Fixed / Variable Cost

◙ Annual Revenue

◙ Projected Cash-Flows

◙ Profit / Loss Accounts

◙ Balance Sheet

Any numbers should be presented with clarity and to be supported by hard evidence.

Forecasting Period

The minimum forecasting period is three (3) years and the maximum period is ten (10) years. Usually a five-year forecasting period is enough for tech startups

(4) Been Prepared for the Worst / Scenario Planning

Any entrepreneur who respects himself must be prepared always for the worst. An easy and reliable solution is to use a scenario-based model. At this stage, a business plan should include three main scenarios:

◙ Optimistic Scenario

◙ Pessimistic Scenario

◙ Basic Scenario (median forecast)

Conclusions should be presented at the end of every business plan including all those crucial points that will determine the success of the project.


Our Experience as Business Planners

The team behind has more than ten (10) years of professional experience in business planning including more than one hundred (100) successful funding proposals. Our experience includes tens of different dynamic and static industries such is Software, Hardware, Online Commerce, Tourism, Manufacturing etc.

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