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Crowdfunding is a web-based funding practice aiming to help entrepreneurs and other initiators to raise funds from a large number of people. By 2025, the global crowdfunding market could reach $90 billion. There are four (4) Categories of CrowdFunding Projects: (1) Donation CrowdFunding (2) Reward CrowdFunding (3) Debt CrowdFunding (4) Equity CrowdFunding Projects.
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The team behind Crowdholder.com has more than ten (10) years of professional experience in business planning including more than one hundred (100) successful funding proposals. Our experience includes successful funding business plans for tens of different dynamic and static industries such is Software, Web Development, Systems, Online Commerce, Tourism, Manufacturing etc.
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A crowdfunding platform is a web-based software that enables initiators to raise funds for their special purposes. Crowdfunding platforms create a bridge between Initiators and Contributors towards funding all kind of projects. Crowdholder.com provides detailed reviews regarding the best Crowdfunding Platforms for all types of Projects: Equity, Reward-Based and Donation Crowdfunding. Find Information about the Available Project Categories, Supported Countries, Supported Payment Methods and most importantly all Fees Charged.
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